How well designed online ads can help increase your conversion rates

Running your own business in today’s world means you need to stay relevant online. Digital marketing is more important now than ever. People spend a significant amount of time on the internet, whether they’re searching for answers to questions or looking for products to purchase. With more people online you have the possibility to reach a higher volume of potential customers. What are the most effective methods of reaching these customers? What role does advertising play? How can well-designed online ads help increase your conversion rates?

Creating well-designed ads can drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rates. Online shopping has skyrocketed, so designing effective online ads that catch your target audience’s attention will result in higher conversion rates. Using sophisticated and captivating designs in your advertisements will draw in your target audience. Promoting trust in your brand, products, and services can be achieved through creating a harmonious design for your ads across all platforms.

Keep reading to learn the reasons why design is so important for your online ads. Learn how to create an effective design and which strategies will help you increase your conversion rates, and explore how pre-templated designs can make your job easier.

Why design is important

Design is a vital aspect of successful advertising. Creating an engaging and eye-catching design will help increase your conversion rates. The e-commerce market is highly saturated and competitive, so it’s easy to slip between the cracks. You want to avoid having an outdated or irrelevant design that consumers will be less likely to click on. If your ads look rudimentary or unappealing then you are wasting your time and money. Regardless of how strong your message is, your advertisement will never succeed as long as you have a weak design.

Your ads don’t need to feature extravagant designs, but stepping up your game and creating sophisticated, sleek designs will improve your ad performance. Effective ads are relatable and memorable. In the endless sea of online marketing, consumers are constantly bombarded with ads. Because of this they typically click-through ads and ignore them to get to what they’re really looking for online. If you understand your target audience, however, you can tailor the design and message of your ad to speak to your audience and grab their attention.

Design is an integral part of online ads. You want your ads across the board to feel natural. If your ads look out of place on whatever platform you’re using, consumers are more likely to ignore them. However, if you design attractive and natural ads that fit into space, users will be more inclined to interact with them. If you’re making an ad in the form of a social media post, research your target audience and the accounts they follow. If your ads can seamlessly fit into this style, your audience won’t feel bombarded by annoying ads, but rather will feel like your ad fits into their interests causing them to become more interested in your business. This is why design is so important when creating a digital marketing plan. Don’t forget about design aspects when developing your plan.

How to create an effective design

The first thing to keep in mind when creating online ads ranging from banners to social media covers and posts to story banners is to maintain your brand image and tone throughout. According to B2B Marketing, maintaining synchronicity on all platforms in your brand image is a critical conversion driver.

Creating online ads that represent your brand image promotes trust in your brand and increases recognizability. If you are consistent in your tone of voice and imagery, consumers will recognize your brand and products quicker and develop trust in your brand. Your customers will likely become confused if your designs are sporadic and unrelated to each other. People like consistency, so having uniformity throughout your online advertisements will help drive more people to your business.

The next thing you should focus on is the layout of your ad. Having a clean, easily readable design can result in higher conversion rates. You want the message of your ads to be crystal-clear so there is no doubt what product or service you are marketing. Make sure any text is concise and straight to the point. People will spend mere seconds interacting with your ad, so you want to make your message consumable in the shortest amount of time possible.

Make sure the design of your ads is relevant to your brand, product or service. If you are selling orange juice, use imagery and designs that evoke the feeling of enjoying a relaxing late morning brunch or a tropical environment with lush orange trees. The use of color, imagery, fonts and blank space are important when creating a design. You want your ads to be well-balanced so they look professional. Don’t overuse any element, rather combine all of these to create a harmonious advertisement. Never try and cram as much as you can into your ads. Sometimes less is more.

Increasing conversion rates with pre-templated banners

You don’t need to be a design professional to create award-winning advertisements. Creating a basic template for your online ads will help you maintain your brand image and make it easier for you to create consistent and appealing ads for all platforms. Using a template for your ads makes it easier for you to focus on your message. A strong message in combination with outstanding design will surely increase your conversions online. Click here to explore your pre-templated banner options with us to help you make stunning ads and focus on your business goals and reaching more customers. Make your job easier by using our sophisticated templates, which are customized to fit your individual needs.

Developing an online marketing strategy with professional designs doesn’t need to be difficult. If you stick to the principles mentioned above and stay on top of your brand image, in combination with a creative template design, you can take your ads to the next level.

Wish you super-creative day,