Hopefully you are doing well! Portfolio, Design systems and more!

Hello everyone,

in the past few weeks I've been so busy with my client work so I did not have any time to update my Line Icon pack yet. However I thought and pushed my self to reform totally my portfolio. I think is the right time to share with you what I've done. 

The portfolio is running on Oxygen builder anyway. It's like the webflow, but for wordpress. As I trully love Webflow, I was looking for the tool to build my site much cheaper (as their cms is kinda expensive for me right now).

Building an Design set for Adobe XD

I've got other news here. As I decided to jump using Adobe XD more often, I decided to build an design system for the community. Here is a sneak-peak what I am actually working on. It will be closely connected with Line Icon pack. Right now I've finished the typography assets, colors assets and basic components like buttons and forms. Today I am going further.

Hopefully you are doing well in such a hard times. Spend a time as best as you can, with your family and close one.

Have a nice day,

Check my new portfolio!