5 tips on how to be a better designer in 2021

Each of us wants to improve. It's with me too. This year, however, I want to focus only on what will effectively fulfill my journey as a designer. Listening, understanding, and above all friendly.

2020 was a great year for me, but I would like to use 2021 more efficiently so that I could spend more time with my family.

Here are some tips on how to use this year effectively and improve together.

Listen more

Listening must be an integral part. Listening in life, whether personal or professional, makes us more empathetic people. It allows you to empathize better with given situations. Based on listening, we are then able to better analyze and make conclusions.

This year I'm going to listen to my heart. So to be happy this year. I am going to work only on things that made sense to me and filled me.

The right choice of tool

For effective work, I only want to use tools that move me faster and, above all, more efficiently.

For many clients, I was able to work with many tools, but I managed to convince them to start using only those that will move our joint cooperation a bit further.

These are my priority tools for 2021:



Adobe XD

Creative Cloud



Get inspired

I have been using this method for a long time and I am going to continue to apply it. It is simple and strong. Find inspirational people in your field and follow them. Get inspired by what they do and use it to improve.

However, I want more in-depth this year. I want to be inspired only by people who share similar values, not only by professional ones but above all human ones.

Here are a few people I admire not only for my knowledge but for their human and personal approach:

Dann (@DannPetty) / Twitter

Alex 🌚 (@alexmuench) / Twitter

π“π¨π›π’πšπ¬ 𝐯𝐚𝐧 π’πœπ‘π§πžπ’ππžπ« (@vanschneider) / Twitter

Waldo (@waldobroodryk) / Twitter

Ramsés Cabello⚑️ (@RamsesCabello)

Learn more and be part of the community

For me, this year will be mainly in the direction of learning. I want to start studying in my field more in-depth.

I want to further develop my knowledge with you. Apply them to my products. And to further develop the side work that fulfills me.

Find free time

The year 2020 was mainly working for me. And my main change is to start working more efficiently and only on projects that make sense to me.

Work to reduce as much work as possible and have time for what I love: my family.

These were my 5 tips, which will definitely move me a bit further in being a better graphic artist, but above all, a person, not only towards myself but also close people around me.

I wish you to make the year 2021 exactly what you want.


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